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Serving Our Community since 1993

Owens Financial Group has been committed to guiding clients on their financial journeys for almost 30 years. Our experienced team of professionals offer knowledge and assistance in financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and accounting services. Each one of us enjoys seeing our clients succeed, and helping you reach your goals and celebrate those achievements is what drives us every day.

Our firm was founded by Dan Owens in 1993, and has grown to serve not only our beautiful community of Rome, GA, but clients throughout northwest Georgia, East Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. 

Professionals in Financial Planning, Tax Planning, and More

For many of our clients, retirement and estate planning relies heavily on understanding the tax implications of your investments, and how current tax laws impact your retirement and your final estate. Owens Financial Group is a proud partner of Owens & Owens, CPA PC, a tax and accounting firm also founded by Dan Owens; this partnership allows us to help our clients with all aspects of their financial planning, ensuring that tax implications are always taken into consideration as we chart a course to their financial goals.

Our accountants and financial advisors can help you understand how your retirement income will be taxed based on where you invest it now, how planned gifts can protect your estate from higher taxes, and other important factors that might impact your financial decisions. Whatever your needs and concerns, Owens Financial Group and Owens & Owens, CPA PC, has the education and experience you need to help you on your financial journey.

Our GO Formula Gets You on the Right Track

Over the years, our team has created a process that makes it easy for our clients to map out their financial journeys. We call this our GO Formula, and it’s designed to help you get a clear idea of where you’re going and—more importantly—how to get there.

We get to know you, help clearly identify your financial goals, and create a plan for success. When you’re ready to embark on your financial journey, Owens Financial Group can help you chart the course.