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Our Process

Our team has developed a process to assist our clients in creating a financial road map to help them journey through life’s transitions and ultimately reach their destination. Our process is called the GO Formula where we… Explore your goals; Equip you with a plan; so you can Embark on your journey.


Goals-Based Planning

  • Explore your Goals
  • Equip you with a plan to fit your objectives
  • Embark on your journey; monitoring and adjusting the plan as needed 

Investment Management

  • We see investments as the “tools in the toolbox” to help pursue your goals and objectives. We manage personalized investment portfolios that are designed to help you pursue your goals.  Using a range of products and investment types, our focus is to help you Know Where You’re Going… And get there! 

Legacy Planning

  • How you leave your legacy should be up to you. We can help you navigate the intricacies of estate planning needs by working with you and your attorney while planning for trusts, powers of attorney, beneficiaries, etc.
  • Business owners have unique circumstances and challenges when it comes to legacy planning. A well thought out succession or transition plan is a key part of a financial plan for business owners.